After School

pbmsas8After school programs in San Diego County have reached new heights through the leadership and advocacy efforts of The Children's Initiative. Working with local officials, The Children's Initiative promoted a unique concept: that the need for safe after school programs is not just an education issue, it is also an issue of health and public safety. The efforts of The Children's Initiative, put this concept into action, resulting in shared responsibility and blended funding for after school programs of more than $1 million from education, health and juvenile justice departments in San Diego County.


Based on student, parent, and school administration surveys, on-going feedback, and data analysis, San Diego Before and Afters School programs are designed to address current and emerging issues in youth development. Though programs are specifically tailored to meet the immediate needs of their diverse student population and local community, all programs provide the following core components: 1) Homework Assistance and Tutoring, 2) Healthy Snacks, 3) Enrichment activities, 4) Inclusion, 5) Safety.

San Diego leads California with both quality and capacity of our after school programs. After school programs in San Diego County are serving more than 27 school districts, 310 schools, 343 programs and 44,000 children annually!

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