Our Mission

We are dedicated to assisting children, youth and families reach their full potential by working for integrated service delivery systems that promote the values of collaboration and prevention, and for measurable outcomes in the fields of health, education, safety and economic security.


Our Core Values


All children deserve the chance to be born healthy, to be free from hunger and disease, and to receive regular medical care.


All children deserve an education that prepares them to meet the future and inspires them to reach their full potential.


All children deserve to grow up free from abuse, free from violence, and free from the devastation of drugs and alcohol.

Economic Security

All children deserve to grow up in economically stable families and to have hope for a secure future.


More can be accomplished by organizations working collaboratively toward common agendas, with the meaningful inclusion of youth, families and communities, than by any one organization working independently.

The Children's Initiative:

  • identifies community issues;
  • facilitates connections and linkages among others;
  • builds and convenes a team;
  • works with the team to establish a plan for solutions;
  • and assists in implementing the solution